We have over 40 years of photography experience, dating back to trusty manual 35mms Minolta SRT201 (one still working). Film developing, print processing, and enlargements (Beseler enlarger) were part of our original “hands-on” routines.That past experience taught us that persistence and patience were critical attributes of a photographer.

Today our work is done in digital. Our DSLR cameras are Nikons. Our lenses are Nikon and Tokina. We use Adobe Creative Cloud products (Lightroom, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Audition, etc.), DXO Labs Software, and onOne Software throughout our production process.

The digital “lab” computer hardware is Dell based. X-rite’s ColorMunki is used for display and printer color calibration. We employ an Epson 3880 for in house print processing.

Across several decades, we have been fortunate to have hiked, climbed, sailed, and rode amongst some of the most beautiful landscapes on planet earth. Within these sites, we have been awed by the magnificence of nature and inspired by unanticipated beauty…which no camera can truly capture.

We have photographed people, places, plants, and animals from near and far. Some of our favorites are from unexpected subjects or locations. The simple shot of a kitten or flower can be just as rewarding as those from the Grand Canyon.

Thank you, again, for visiting our web site. It is a “work-in-progress” with features and additions yet to come.

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