OUR PROCESSin 3 steps

We meet with you to learn about your business. We discuss your business goals & objectives. We jointly initiate the process to deliver an improved business web presence.

planning & strategy

Technical tools are chosen that meet your business goals & objectives.

design & develop

Design, prototype, and develop your new or improved web presence.

test & deliver

Repeatedly test all development and "deliver" upon your approval.

We Respect and Appreciate Small Business

A small business owner/operator may wear many "hats". You may be the owner, manager, marketing manager. sales representative, account administrator, customer service representative, bookkeeper, etc. We respect and appreciate the knowledge and effort it takes to manage a successful small business.

While your energy may be endless, your time is limited. The roles of a technical analyst, web designer, developer, system tester, social media consultant, and technical support representative can divert your attention from other activities that more effectively grow your business.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to assume those technical roles and the responsibility of providing your business with a "new "or "improved" web presence.

Understanding Your Goals & Objectives

In order to provide our best customer service, we need to learn about the business and understand your goals and objectives as they relate to web based activity. We will meet with you to discuss, strategize, then develop a plan that meets these goals and objectives.

Your goals and objectives could involve a business or product introduction, increased sales, better customer service, etc. The plan could include a new web site, redesigned web site, social media or email marketing, or improved maintenance & support of existing technology.

Our goal and objective will be to achieve better productivity and efficiency, through web based technology, contributing to the growth and success of your business.

Creating Better Web Based Tools to Grow Your Business

Your business requirements may be similar to others, or