Seller Tips

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Seller Tips

What is My Home Worth?

A comparative market analysis and an appraisal are the standard methods for determining a home’s value. [Your Agency] will be happy to provide a comparative market analysis, an informal estimate of value based on comparable sales in your neighborhood. We will research listing prices of current homes on the market as well as those that have sold and provide a comparison of homes of similar in size, construction, and features in your location. A formal appraisal, which is a certified appraiser’s opinion of the value of a home at any given time, may be necessary to arrive at a fair market value of your home for sale.

What About Economic & Real Estate Market Conditions?

[Your Agency] will research the Market DOM (Days on Market) value for each comparable house sold in your area. When real estate is booming and prices are rising, houses may sell in a few days. Conversely, when the market slows down, average DOM can run into many months. We will determine whether your area is currently in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market and recommend an effective strategy to achieve the best possible selling price for your home during this period.

Is your House Ready for Sale?

First and foremost, your house should be in the best condition possible. This means taking care of any major repairs that could deter a buyer (such as exterior wood repair, foundation damage, roofing leaks, etc.). Next, your home should have “curb appeal”. Make sure your landscape is pristine. Mow the grass, clean up any debris and weed the garden beds. Plant a few annual flowers near the entrance or in pots to be placed by the door. Other quick fixes that don’t cost a lot of money but can help you get top dollar for your home:

  • Clean the windows and make sure the paint is not chipped, faded, or flaking.
  • Clean, or even paint, the front door
  • Be sure that the doorbell works.
  • Clean and freshen up rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Make sure that the kitchen and bathrooms are clean.
  • Eliminate any mold, mildew, or rust stains.
  • Organize closets.
  • Make sure the basic appliances are clean and in working order
  • Make sure light fixtures and outlets work.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Eliminate the source of any bad smells.

[Your Agency]’s Mission and Focus

For most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell is a big decision that involves research, preparation, and an effective marketing strategy. [Your Agency]’s mission is to guide you throughout the entire real estate process so that you may achieve your real estate goals and dreams. Our focus is on your customer satisfaction.