Buyer Tips

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Buyer Tips

Working with [Your Agency]

[Your Agency], will be your guide and partner throughout the entire real estate transaction process. Our expertise and local knowledge can be essential to your success in buying the home that is perfect for you. With research and planning, together we will be able to anticipate requests from lenders, lawyers and other professionals, and you’ll move more expeditiously through the home buying process.

The First Three (3) Questions:
  1. Why are You Deciding to Buy a Home? (do you need to move, or is buying an option and not a requirement?)
  2. Do You Know What You Want in a Home? (what location, property features, etc. do you want?)
  3. Is there a Time Frame Involved? (is there a time requirement to complete the process?)

The more certain you are about the answers to these questions and the more definitive you are about your “wants” and “needs”, the more likely we (as a team) will effectively define and achieve your real estate buying goals.

Do You Have the Finances to Buy a Home?

It may be beneficial to get prequalified for a mortgage before you begin your house hunting quest. Knowing what home cost range you can afford will expedite the process.

There are a variety of mortgages options and a number of available Triangle market area lenders, so choosing the lender and mortgage that best meets your needs is a critical step. In addition a “down payment”, may also be required along with “closing costs” (the final costs associated with completing the transaction). [Your Real Estate Agency] can provide you with guidance and recommendations in order for you to buy with as little “out of pocket” expenses and/or the lowest possible monthly mortgage payments.

Establish Good Credit

You need good credit to get a mortgage. For at least one year prior to purchasing a home, you should assure that every credit card bill, rent check, car payment and other debt is paid on time.

In Conclusion

[Your Agency] can help you better understand the local real estate market, current market conditions, and the many facets of a complex real estate transaction process. We can give you a realistic picture of the current market and help you clarify your real estate goals. Together, we will embark on the adventure of buying your next home.